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Welcome!  You are about to read a unique, funny novel, not quite like anything you have read before (maybe, I think, possibly).  This writing project has been going on for more than ten years, and it ain't finished yet!
Below all my blather you will find free downloadable pdf files of my graphic novel, The Winnipeg Weakly Herald. The novel is about people who form a collective to create a community newspaper, their ongoing story lines told through the pages of the newspaper itself: through the news articles, movie reviews, classified ads, comic strips and so on.  Each download is a chapter, a six page issue of the newspaper.  As in a regular novel, their stories progress from one chapter to another--but that is where any similarity to standard narrative fiction ends.
The Herald is (hopefully) funny--a satire on journalism, working in a collective, our modern society...lotsa stuff.  It is also as interactive as a reading experience can be.  There is nothing to guide your eye in any direction, except what appeals to you.  That is (supposed to be) part of the fun.
Legal stuff: all of my material on this site, is copyright Victor Schwartzman.  Download it, enjoy it, share it--as long as you credit me properly.  Don't sell it or use it in any commercial way without my prior written consent.
Note: The pdf file is NOT the best way to read The Herald.    Please consider printing out the six pages of each chapter and then assembling them like a little newspaper.  That way the design of the facing pages will make sense!
AND...if you have Hypertension, please check out Adventures In Hypertension by clicking on the link below.  That blog combines my experiences when I entered the glorious world of medicine with flash fiction and poems illustrating the concerns which probably helped create my high blood pressure!
AND...if you like 'underground' reading, please click the link below for my other blog, The Underground Literary Alliance Book Review.  It features excellent reviews (not by me, generally!) of the best in edgy, provocative fiction and prose.  For that matter, why not visit the ULA itself, at  What are you waiting for?  
Thanks to Tripod for its free hosting service.  If you have any comments, please contact me at  Enjoy!

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